The Lydia is a great cross seasonal bag.  The color works well no matter the time of year.  I am a fan of the many pockets; this bag is a keeper!

J. Fletcher | Dallas, TX

This bag is the "mother" of all of my bags!  Seriously...I like to keep it traditional.  So, the Claire was it for me.  It holds my Mac Book perfectly.  It basically holds my life, lol! Great quality and the pockets make me happy.

Emily | Akron, OH

I love my kids, but this bag is for me!  I'm a boy mom (3 boys to be exact).  This bag as seen some tough days, but it holds up nicely.  The quality is amazing!

Karice Williams | Orlando, FL

I am actually not a mom, but I LOVE this bag!  I use it for work.  The Claire is that classic bag that every professional woman needs.  It does work well for my "Auntie Duties"!  Overall, it's a good bag.

Brandi Phillips | Waldorf, MD

When I first got the Maxine, I was a tad shocked at the size.  Then I took it on a trip and I was an believer!!  The space in this bag is wicked good!!!  I packed things for my kids, my husband, myself and still had room.  I love the color.  I love the bag!

M. Collins | Quincy, MA

Pockets, pockets and more pockets!!  I have the Lydia and this bag is good for any and everything going on in my life at any given moment.  

Kendall Wilson | Virginia Beach, VA

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