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Okay so full disclosure... I’m a HUGE fan of Beyonce. Let’s just go ahead and get that completely out there! I am also going to be incredibly honest in saying that I had no real interest in Coachella until I knew she was headlining it (and I am in Cali). However, I am not here to focus on her specific extreme talents. I’m here to really point out the fact that she gave arguably her best performance at Coachella and her babies are not even one year old yet.  Plus, she has a 6 year old! True story: I had every intention of watching it on YouTube with everyone else who was going to the viral concert in the comfort of their own homes. I even had this grand plan to get the kids down and then party the night away with Beyonce. After all, I am in the same time zone as she. So, my concert start time wasn’t as bad as some other people. As mom life would have it, me and tired had a fight and tired won. I missed the entire thing because I fell asleep! Thank goodness for social media and YouTube replays because I was able to partake in the full experience after the fact.


During her performance, I came down on myself a little bit because I was thinking that my first day back to my job after having one baby (my first born) was nothing like her first day back after having two babies. That pity party was short lived because I did find motivation to push a little harder; if she can do it so can I. Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am not comfortable in a leotard and my singing talents don’t go beyond my shower or the car where I have a captive audience of 2 because I’m a mom and I’m never alone. It did make me think that I could and should run after my dreams a little harder and that just because I am a mom doesn’t mean that what I wish for myself and my family is any less attainable just because I’m not Beyonce. I think that so many of us moms get lost in the hustle and flow of life that we suppress our own goals so that others can reach theirs. It’s kind of like the unwritten philosophy of motherhood. It happens so effortlessly for moms to the point that we don’t even realize it is happening. There is a way to be both the kick ass mom that I am and continue to work for my level of success as a woman. This is not a comparison piece between me, you and Beyonce by any means. I am in full self-check mode and if I’m honest with myself there are things that I could improve upon: How can I be a better mom friend? How can I be a better listener when things get mentally loud for me as a mom? Why do I not celebrate small victories in this world of motherhood more? Who am I letting hold me back from making my world as epic as Beyonce’s performance? Am I the one doing the holding back? These are all things I asked myself while getting my whole life watching that performance. Being a fan will do that to you and make that “Beyonce has the same number of hours in a day” meme give you some perspective.


I’m not saying that you have to be a fan in order to be motivated. I do challenge you to think of some things that you know you could do better and act on them. It doesn’t have to be big, but it does have to be positive! I support any mom who is trying to be the best version of herself. So let’s keep this party going by taking on this new week, creating positive vibes and having our own MOMchella experience.





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