Car Seat Trade-In Events 2019

This blog is not a huge think piece--sometimes I just want to pass along some information.  In this blog, I am just one mom trying to help another mom with a little information that could help. So, I am giving you some info that you might not have known you needed. 

Full disclosure, my 2½ year-old daughter is still in a rear facing car seat. Not that it’s a bad thing (at least I don't  think so), I just have been a little late and dare I say “lazy” to even venture into the rabbit hole of choosing her next seat. It could just be me, but I get all the way into the color, ratings, size, coordination and anything else you could think of. For the record, I really do think that toddler car seats without cup holders are pointless.  I just haven’t had the mental space to tackle the selection—until now. I have been waiting for this time of year! Oh the things that excites us moms, LOL. It’s something about the car seat trade-in events that will help you focus quickly.

These events are great for those who have been letting your previous child’s seat collect dust while promising yourself that you would donate it or give it away. I am shamelessly apart of that group. 

Here are the two events that I am aware of:


You can recycle a car seat and save 20% on a seat, stroller and select baby gear from September 3-13, 2019. Be sure to check out the link above for the specifics that you may need.


This trade-in event is happening from September 16-30, 2019. For this event you will get a $30 Wal-Mart gift card. Use this link to find a participating Wal-Mart closest to you:


I hope this helps someone! These events could surely do some good for those who are currently in the market for a new car seat for their little ones. It should be noted that I am not the expert on cart seat safety. I am just the messenger to help lead you to the details and some information about these two trade-in events.

Happy car seat shopping!





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