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There were a few must haves that made the list when creating and designing the first AlmaRose Bag. This list was created with what was believed most moms would appreciate. So often, we moms spend a great deal of money on multiple bags that we may (or may not) use. The idea was to create a bag that could be cross-functional and multi-purpose. Moms are constantly working, running errands, traveling and making everyone else’s day flow. A bag that can keep up is necessary. This was thought process behind what the bag would ultimately become. Here are the key features that you are going to love in your AlmaRose Bag:


  1. Space: We can’t hide it and we are not ashamed…our bags are generous in size and space. We aren’t condoning sneaking food into the movie theater, but if we did think to do that—an AlmaRose Bag would work well, LOL.
  2. Material: Our bags are made of the best quality leather externally and a water and stain resistant material internally. Your bag will look good on the outside and stand up to many spills on the inside.
  3. Hardware: From the name plate to the feet on the bag, the hardware is high is quality and is detailed throughout the bag.
  4. Double snaps: There are two snaps on opposite sides of the bag at the top interior. These snaps help to keep your keys or the pacifier from falling to the bottom corner of the bag.
  5. Bottle pockets: The bottle pockets have an elastic top to keep the bottles secure. When we say bottles, we don’t just mean baby bottles. Your standard water bottle will be just as secure in one of the side bottle pockets.
  6. Tech pocket: Let’s be honest, our babies can operate an iPad, Kindle or Notebook by the age on 1. This pocket will keep your tech gadget secure and protected. There is also a top snap to secure your gadget from falling out.
  7. Coin pouch: It’s pretty self-explanatory! This zippered pouch pocket will keep you coins at your fingertips for the meter, snack machine or during checkout at you favorite store.
  8. Double slip/slit pockets: Place your hand sanitizer, gum, mints or whatever you wish in these pockets.
  9. Zippered cash pocket: You have a place just for your cash whenever you need it.
  10. Six-card slot: This is a favorite feature of the bag. There really isn’t a need to carry a wallet. You can hold up to 6 cards or ID cards with this feature. This card slot is perfectly disguised under a Velcro flap to keep your cards safe.
  11. Phone/sunglass open pocket: Depending on which phone you have, this pocket will fit it perfectly. We know that not all phones are created equally in size. So if your phone doesn’t fit, your sunglasses will.


We really tried to think of everything when it came to designing the bag. The good thing about everything listed above is that you can use each pocket to fit your needs specifically. The list is not mandatory. We would love to know how you use the features created. So let me know!




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  • Kimberly Baker: March 11, 2018

    What I love about these bags is that I no longer needs to carry bags within my bag. I used to have a small bag for this, a pouch for that. But now, I have a place for everything I need because AlmaRose bags are compartmentalized. Brilliant and beautiful!

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