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Spring!! We Missed You!

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Bring on the cute sandals, sundresses, shades and cool vibrant colors because SPRING IS HERE!!! For just about everyone in the US, this winter hasn’t been the kindest. So we are welcoming the spring with open arms. As a busy mama, you were probably in some form of hibernation during the winter months. I totally get it because I was too.   However, it’s time to revive and come alive! Here are some of our must haves for Spring 2018:


  1. Tee up! There is nothing like a good quality tee to bring you some versatility. You can dress it up or dress it down. You can do graphic or plain; it doesn’t matter because either way it works! You know the possibilities are endless when you are able to go from heels to your favorite sneakers. That’s the power of the tee! It’s really a blank slate for you to do what you want and how you want.
  2. Sandal Love. Our toes can breathe again! Everywhere you look now, sandals are making a statement. Some sandals have sparkle, stones and straps. The key here is comfort!
  3. Wedge Me. I love a good heel just as much as the next. However, something about the season screams, “Wedge please”!!! You still get the lift of a heel just with a little more support. Just like any great heel, the height can vary without compromising the style. Your perfect wedge is out there and I hope you find it.
  4. Don’t stress. Distress! Let’s be honest, you can wear these at any point of the year. Thanks to spring, tights underneath won’t be necessary. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin with your distressed jeans. You can do the smallest slit or a full show of your knee, thigh or knee and thigh. Here’s a little tip: distressing your own jeans can be easy. Head to Target, find your favorite pair, grab the scissors, tweezers, sandpaper and get creative. You can create your own distressed look for a fraction of the cost in most cases.
  5. Where’s my Tunic? While some of us are still working on our summer bodies, a tunic can be your best friend. It’s just enough material to cover what you need and where you think you need it. The fun thing about a tunic is that you can wear it by itself or over your favorite pair of leggings. Speaking of leggings…
  6. Don’t “Leg” Me Go.   A little corny, but hear me out! Don’t put those leggings away just yet. As we roll into the spring, consistent of warm weather can be a little unpredictable. Keeping those cute leggings handy is still a good idea. You can still keep your comfort while Mother Nature completely makes up her mind as to when the thermostat stays above 75 degrees.
  7. Nail the color. Bring out the fun in the colors you choose for your nails. Rules can be broken when it comes to your polish. If we are lucky and time permits, we change our nail color every 2 weeks. So, try something you haven’t tried before! Remember, it’s only paint and it comes off. Live a little!
  8. I’m Glossy! Much like your nails, a little pop of color on the lip can make all the difference. What’s great about picking your favorite gloss is that you don’t have to always go with the shine. There are some pretty cool glosses that have a more muted finish without losing its pop.
  9. Maxed out: I am a sucker for a good and comfortable maxi dress!!! The free flow of a good maxi dress can make you feel as if you are literally floating on a cloud.


With these 9 things you can really spring forward into spring without a problem. All you will need is an AlmaRose Bag to top it off. Let us know. We are here all season!




  • AlmaRose: March 26, 2018

    Hi Kimberly! For the lip, Prima Donna from Lip Bar is fun and it’s a great vegan option. The equivalent in my opinion to that would be Heroine from MAC. I’m a little bit of a creature of habit with my nail color, but I’m liking the “You’ve Got Nata On Me” so far from the OPI Lisbon collection. Let me know what you go with!!

  • Kimberly Baker: March 24, 2018

    Do you have any favorite lip or nail colors to share? I’m looking for some fun new shades for spring….

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