Back 2 School

It’s August and do you know what that means? Back to school season is officially underway! You survived yet another summer and you don’t have to hide your excitement about your kids returning to school. Your refrigerator and your weekly grocery budget are going to thank you because you no longer have to feed children around the clock. I’m sure my kids aren’t the only ones who have summertime stomachs. And yes, you can now stroll the aisles of Target without having to necessarily visit the toy section. The world is yours again. Welcome back to your happy place! As a mom of 2, I am taking a few seconds to celebrate with you because you are my people. Let’s take a collective sigh together…ahhh!


Now let’s get to it. It’s time to reintroduce you (and your kids) to the old familiar normal. We already know that some of these reintroductions may (or may not) be met with a slight protest from your kids. Things will eventually smooth out and everyone will be fine. Hopefully, some of these back to school must haves, suggestions and tips can help land a happy medium for everyone involved.


Must Haves:


  1. Reusable First Day Sign: Yes. I am THAT mom! I fill out this board and make my kids hold it while I take pictures at the beginning (and end) of every school year. I do have to wonder if I am doing this more so for them, me or both and they just don’t realize it yet. These boards are great for capturing memories and seeing just how much and how quickly time goes by. There are a few great ones on Etsy, but the one that we got is from Designs by Brandi Co. on Etsy. It is double-sided with the “last day ” option on the back. This board is great to use because I can use it for both kids and it can be used year after year. I also like the “last day” option on the back. Here is the direct link to the exact board that we use:


  1. Lunch Organizer: I LOVE the Bentgo box for kids. I found it on Amazon and it has not disappointed me. The portion sizes are great! If you have a picky eater (like I do), it helps keep everything from touching because it has 5 compartments. The Bentgo box also comes in a few different colors. So, it makes it fun for the kids to choose their favorite color combinations. In addition, it checks those important boxes; leak proof and BPA safe.  Here is the link:


  1. Bike Lock: I feel like I should have already known that there are locks with word combinations, but I didn't until now—mind blown. I love this verses numbers because most things comes with a numerical code. The word option (for us) was easier to remember. My son uses the Bell Cable Lock. The website is currently showing it unavailable, but I found it during a trip to Wal-Mart. So, you may have to make a quick trip to see if your local store has it.  The price point is just over $4. So, the trip is worth it. Here is the link so that you know what you are looking for:



Suggestions & Tips:


  1. To Monogram or Not to Monogram: I love monogrammed items. I would literally monogram everything if I could. It adds the cutest most personal touch. As great as that is, it can also be problematic. In order to help keep our kids safe, I would suggest not monogramming your child’s full name on backpacks, lunch boxes or anything that is openly visible. Not everyone needs that kind of free access to your child. It leaves such an open opportunity for the wrong person to be personal with your child.
  2. Crock it: I said this last year and I am saying it again this year; the Crock-Pot is your friend. Life is already busy as a mom and we all have to eat. Let your Crock-Pot do some of the heavy lifting for you. When you couple the Crock-Pot with a great Pinterest search, you’ve got a winner.
  3. Clean clothes are still necessary: Use that delay wash option! It is another way to have your home workload divided and conquered in a way that works in your best interest. Now, the folding and putting away…I don’t have any advice for that besides make the kids do it! It’s my least favorite part too.


These are my personal must haves and suggestions. Let me know what you think and if they work for you! The whole goal is to make it through this new school year as sane as possible and in one piece. Here’s to another rock star school year for you and your kiddos. Let’s do this!




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