About Us

Almashea is a total creative and mommy enthusiast. As a self-taught designer, she has used her talents to build something beyond her professional norm. She has found her place nestled between the worlds of design and motherhood. Creating a product and space that is focused on helping women remember who they were prior to motherhood is her priority.  Her personal experiences have truly helped her to fully understand the importance of self-preservation.  So often, moms get caught up in the day-to-day activities of being a mom that they forget that they are people too.


After sketching her first design on a paper towel while 5 months pregnant with her first child, she realized that she could create something tangible to fit the needs of moms.  Building upon her expertise in corporate sales, she set out to start her own brand and business with the mom as her primary focus.  Her initial thought was to create a practical yet fashion forward bag that would be cross-functional.  The duties are never ending and a mom needs a bag that can keep up with the demands of her life.   


Women love nice bags.  Moreover, women love to be appreciated for who they are and what they contribute.  This couldn’t be truer for moms around the world. Almashea’ has a profound appreciation for moms and without a doubt, she lives that life of trying to balance the joys of motherhood while making strong efforts to remember who she is as a woman also.   She wants to make self-indulgence normal and do her part in helping to dismantle any possibility of mom guilt. Moms deserve to live full lives.   If ever there was a mom friend to have, she would be her.

From a corporate married mom of one to a full-time Entrepreneur single mom of two, she believes that it’s not always what you go through, but how you carry it.  AlmaRose is Almashea’s love language given from one mom to another.  The bags and brand are  a celebration of validation as moms set out to live their best lives.   It’s more than the bag.  It’s about fully supporting the women who carry it.  From mom life, to work, to travel and all things in between, she is honored to be a part of your journey.