Is the Elf Really Coming Back?

Serious question; are we really doing the Elf that sits on the shelf this year? I am writing this will slight pause because I dare not be a downer, but this is a question that needs an answer! I should make it clear that I absolutely love the holidays and Christmas. However, I have never meshed well with the Elf. I am going to go further to say that I believe I’m apart of a secret society of parents who really don’t want to deal with the elf.  I always seem to have this level of guilt as a parent for not fully participating with the elf because I haven't made it a thing. Not to mention, I don’t even remember the name of the little elf that we do have and I am 100% sure that that’s not a good thing. So here I am with forgotten named elf, a kid who has already asked me about him once and I am potentially offering myself up for sacrifice to be called out by said kid and risk the “magic” all together.


The entire idea of the Elf started off really good for my household. It was a good system to hopefully get my kids to eat their veggies, go to bed on time and be consistent with their listening. I was willing to participate at one point just to find some level peace with those things alone for the month of December. Seemed like a good enough plan at the time. Then it really became this thing where I would open social media or talk to other friends and realize how amazingly creative some parents are with their elves. These elves were in some witty situations that I never knew an elf could be in. Some of them are in the freezer eating ice cream. They were hanging out in the cookie jar. I even saw an Elf shoveling snow. "You really move that elf and set up different scenarios every day?" is what I would ask myself. Each year I am amazed and intimidated at the same time because my memory to move the elf would defeat the purpose. Then there I would be again in a situation having to answer questions as to why the elf hasn’t moved in two weeks.


Look, an elf should not give people anxiety like this. I think it’s more of me not wanting to have a parenting fail moment about something that seems easy enough. I’m going to admit that my real struggle is more peer-related. I am not cut out for the Elf on the Shelf gig as it currently stands with mostly everyone else in the world. What I am going to do this time around is make my own rules and establish them up front with my kids. This year, the elf, will be on a 3- location rotation to make it easier for myself. I’m going to brave it out and give the Elf on the Shelf one more try this season. After this effort, I am not completely sure that he will make it back next year or if he will run away. If he doesn’t happen to make it back, at least my parental conscience is clear.


Now, if only I can remember the elf's name…




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