Designer's Note

Well before I realized that my hobby of sketching could manifest into real life, I had a strong appreciation for high quality accessories.  Becoming the founder and creator of AlmaRose really happened from an accident and my life's reality. I worked in a corporate setting for nearly 8 years. I have to admit, it was good to me—until it wasn’t. As a Navy wife our lives change and we have little control or say over what happens. The time had come where I had to choose between going with my family or staying behind hundreds of miles while my husband went to protect our freedoms at his next duty station. Oh and did I mention, we had a one year-old (at the time). Needless to say my decision was easy, but came with extreme sacrifices and adjustments. Off I went with my husband and baby in tow with no job. This was a first for me. Here I am with my baby and a frequently deployed husband and I started to feel invisible. We as moms give so much and I am no different. I had to figure something out. That’s when I decided to turn my sketching hobby (which intensified when I was 5 months pregnant) into a full business. I did my work and decided to pull myself up and get it done!
I’m very passionate about the fashion world through the outlet of accessories.  I wanted to create something for a woman who may (or may not) be a mom. I wanted to create something classic and timeless. This bag has the foundation of being a diaper bag, but could work well for any woman at any phase in her life. The thought pattern may sound a bit selfish, but I want every woman and mom to think of herself first and breathe a breath just for her. It’s my hope and honor to present a brand that could make even the slightest positive difference in your life. It’s beyond maternal. As a designer, I appreciate the mom that you are (or could be) while celebrating the woman that you will always be!
There’s no textbook answer on being a wife, mom, entrepreneur and woman; you just figure it out. I took what I had and I’m making it work. Each step, customer, and inspiration in this process is important to me. I have a background in business marketing and sales. So, I’m still holding true to that; this time I’m doing it my way and enjoying every minute!